The Association of Contemporary Luthiers of Spain (LuCE) organizes an annual event dedicated exclusively to contemporary craftsmanship and quality instruments.

What is LuCE?

It is a non-profit collaborative association that has among its objectives:

  • To value the work of the luthier as the best exponent of the manufacture of musical instruments.
  • Promote a non-industrial business model, based on quality and excellence rather than profit. Away from the consumerist model,  programmed obsolescence, low quality and disposable products.
  • Collaborate in the diffusion of the work of luthiers.

It brings together professionals dedicated to the construction of electric guitars from all over the Iberian Peninsula, who collaborate in favor of the promotion of their activity, convinced that the craft work is the one that makes the best musical instruments.

Why the event?

Today in Spain there is no space that connects musicians -professionals and amateurs- with the work that luthiers perform in their workshops.

We want to offer a meeting point between both of them, where you can share experiences and be aware of the aesthetic and technical novelties, the result of the search of those who are professionally dedicated to the construction of guitars; a common space where you can get a comprehensive overview of the current evolution of the instrument and experience first-hand the extraordinary work that is done in the field of lutherie, ask questions and learn about the latest developments.

It is a unique opportunity to exhibit and promote the best of the handmade manufacturing of guitars, basses, amplifiers, pickups and effects. In an exhibition format that is a success in the international arena and that -until now- has not been done in Spain. In fact, there is no place in our field where the guitarist in search of a guitar of excellence, can try, compare and choose between high-end craftsmanship guitars.

Luthier Guitar Show 2018


Edición 2024

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