Luthier Guitar Show 2019



“Woods that Speak, (My slogan)
When I started to be interested in music, I already had a lot of experience in the world of sculpture and wood carving. This, coupled with the fact that my friend had the majority power over the use of the guitar, led me to try to make my own Telecaster. In those years it was a challenge since the complexity that already entails the construction of the guitar had to add the difficulty to find accessories and parts to be able to assemble it. It was an obstacle course but, thanks to her, I found my true vocation. I discovered that wood could not only be carved, sanded, glued … it also sounded. And, in addition, each type of wood had its own sound. I was discovering, day by day, experimentally, the secrets of my profession. It was simply fascinating.
Today, after four decades, I think that lutheria is much more fascinating, because today it manufactured the instruments with the total knowledge of the raw material, (THE WOOD) and the cutting of it, this is the only one that defines the sound that the instrument will have, whatever string instrument it is, especially the electric guitar, this I say, because it made violins, classical, acoustic guitars, etc. and all of them I tune them to the ear, tapping the wood while carving until I get the tone I look for each time. In the electric guitar it is different because the vibrations are picked up by microphones (pickups), and not the human ear, so you have to refine much more when choosing the wood, the years and the cutting of it.
I think that the lutheria of the electric guitar is one of the most complex to achieve the desired sound, and I rely on the experience and constant research of 40 years as Luthier”

Juanjo Llorente


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