Luthier Guitar Show 2024



The general terms and conditions of participation apply to all events organized by LuCE. These will apply in addition to the specific terms and conditions of participation for each exhibition or event. By accepting these lines, each exhibitor will acknowledge these terms and conditions of participation. A printable copy of these terms and conditions can be obtained by requesting it from the following address:


The organizer is: LuCE,
NIF G87385605
Address: c/Olmo 14, Bajo D. 28012 Madrid (Spain) Hereinafter “Organizer”.


a. Unless otherwise indicated, participants will be all people of legal age. Minors and those of legal age whose legal capacity is limited will require the written consent of their legal representative to participate.

b. Unless otherwise indicated, a person enters the exhibition by providing answers to all exhibition questions and/or submitting the required material (e.g. photographs, texts, drawings), completing the registration form and submitting it. Entering and starting participation in an exhibition implies unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions. The participant will be deemed to have read and understood these terms and conditions, and to have accepted them in full together with any decisions made by the Organiser.

c. Unless otherwise indicated, participants will include all persons who have a current legal license or a legal business related to luthier activity. The exhibitor agrees to submit any supporting documents that the Organization may request as proof of the legality of the professional activity.

d. If participation requires the submission of material, each participant confirms that he or she is the legitimate owner of all (intellectual) property rights related to the submitted material. By submitting it, each participant will transfer ownership to the Organizer, as well as the full rights to use the submitted material. The Organizer will not accept any responsibility for the material submitted, unless the Organizer or any of its employees act deliberately or are guilty of gross negligence.

e. By transmitting the company name, logo, photos, film or other material, the exhibitor grants the organizer unlimited use of such material for advertising purposes before, during and after the show, including the right to modify images to comply with the requirements for these purposes.

f. The participant will be responsible for the accuracy of the information required, especially the email address. The Organizer will not assume responsibility for incomplete or inaccurate information. In case of providing false personal information, disqualification from the exhibition may be carried out according to point 4 (b).

g. Participation through third parties acting as commercial distributors, wholesalers or brand distributors is absolutely prohibited.

h. Unless otherwise noted, all exhibitors will exclusively use the table space provided for exhibiting. The Organization will not assume the risks or damages caused by not complying with this requirement.

i. The participant will be responsible for contracting civil liability insurance that covers any problem, risk and/or damage that may occur during the event.

j. Unless otherwise noted, exhibitors must have paid the participation fee in full no later than 60 days prior to the event date.


a. The organizer will have the right to refuse participation without giving reasons.

b. This will apply especially in case of non-compliance with the terms and conditions, in the case of submitting numerous applications for the participation of the same person and deliberately providing false personal and/or professional information.

c. LuCE is committed to complying with legal regulations on data protection.


a. The exhibitor fee is EUR 400 plus 21% VAT (as applicable). To confirm the reservation, the first or only invoice (at the exhibitor’s choice) must be paid within 14 days of receipt. The remaining balance will be invoiced during September 2024 and is due upon receipt of invoice. All fees must be paid in euros. VAT will be applied where appropriate. Depending on the payment method, transaction fees may apply. Additional information is provided separately.

b. The exhibitor fee includes: table setup (table, chair, tablecloth); listed in the catalog and on the website; inclusion in marketing efforts; event management and other organizational services.

c. If payments are not made in a timely manner, the organizer has the right to assign tables differently. This does not exempt the exhibitor from the requirement to pay the fees.

d. CANCELLATION: Exhibitor may cancel participation at any time, but exhibitor fees are non-refundable in such case. The organizer has the right to use the exhibitor’s space, which does not exempt the exhibitor from payment and does not constitute an obligation for EGB to refund the fees paid. Considering the reason for cancellation, the timing and whether a replacement can still be found, the organizer will assess whether a (partial) refund will be granted, but in any case a minimum cancellation fee will apply to cover administrative costs:

– for cancellations until August 20, 2024—— EUR 200

– for cancellations after September 20, 2024—— EUR 400
This provision does not affect the exhibitor’s right to cancel participation due to the organizer’s culpable behavior in accordance with the law.

e. The organizer has the right to cancel, modify or reschedule parts of the event. Such changes do not constitute the exhibitor’s right to cancel their participation.

f. The organizer has the right to withdraw from the contract if the event is canceled in advance due to reasons beyond the organizer’s control or force majeure. The exhibitor has the right to withdraw from the contract if the cancellation occurs due to the fault of the organizer. Claims for restitution of damages against the organizer are excluded, except in cases of bodily injury, life or health. Liability for intentionality or gross negligence remains unchanged.

g. If the event is postponed or moved to another date, the exhibitor can only withdraw from the contract if it can be demonstrated that participation on this other date would be unfeasible. Claims for restitution of damages are not possible if the postponement is due to reasons beyond the control of the organizer, force

majeure or negligence. Liability in cases of injury to life, body or health, as well as gross or intentional negligence, remains unchanged.

h. If the event must end prematurely, the contract remains in force and claims for restitution of damages are not possible if the termination occurs due to reasons beyond the control of the organizer or force majeure. The possibility of withdrawing from the contract due to culpable reason on the part of the organizer remains unchanged. If more than 50% of the event has passed, such reason becomes insignificant unless the termination was caused by gross or intentional negligence. Claims for restitution of damages are also excluded if the postponement occurs due to negligence, liability for damage to life, body or health or in case of gross or intentional negligence remains unchanged. The organizer will do its best to find satisfactory solutions, but this does not imply any legal obligation.

i. The right to termination due to force majeure remains intact.


a. The exhibitor only has the use of his/her table/area. You are not permitted to distribute advertising material elsewhere. Advertising material (brochures, cards, stickers) is only permitted on the table.

b. Inappropriate advertising may be removed by the organizer and could result in the exhibitor’s exclusion from the show. In such case, there is also no refund of fees. Advertising to third parties is prohibited and such material may be removed by staff.

c. The exhibitor grants the organizer unlimited rights to use any photographic or cinematographic material taken or recorded during the show, except where it infringes the privacy rights of the person recorded.


a. The internal rules of the location must be followed.

b. The restrictions imposed on the use of the exhibition site by the Madrid City Council, owner of the Veal Shed, must be complied with.

c. All instructions from the organizer or location staff must be followed.

d. Exhibitors are required to keep their table and area clear and remove all goods immediately after the event ends.

e. Madrid City Council does not allow food or drinks from outside to be brought into the exhibition area.


a. The organizer is not responsible for any damages incurred, especially but not limited to those caused to property or assets, damage due to theft, vandalism, fire, water, equipment malfunction, force majeure, damage due to safety regulations or caused by visitors, as well as damages incurred due to erroneous information or actions of the organizer or its staff. This does not apply to damage caused by the organizer’s gross negligence or damage to life, body and health.

b. The exhibitor must ensure adequate coverage through its own insurance policies.

c. The exhibitor is responsible for all damages caused to people, property or assets, which are caused by the exhibitor, his employees or other assistants, as well as for the goods and articles brought during the installation, dismantling and the show itself. This liability especially includes any damage or malfunction of technical equipment and location furniture caused by the use of the exhibitor’s equipment.

d. All legal, governmental, professional, commercial and any other applicable regulations regarding safety and accident prevention must be followed.

e. To the extent local, government, legal or business licenses (e.g. visa or tax licenses) are required, the exhibitor must obtain them in a timely manner and ensure that they can produce them if necessary.


a. The parties to this contract agree on the place of the event Madrid as the place of performance, as well as the judicial place for any disagreement between the parties. This also applies to parties that are not located in Spain.

b. These English terms and conditions are provided as a courtesy translation. In cases of disagreement, legal validity lies solely in the original text in Spanish and only Spanish law applies.

c. The Exhibitor Manual will be distributed at a later time to confirmed exhibitors via electronic means. It will have the same legal validity as the terms and conditions.


a. In order to participate in any exhibition, it is essential to indicate personal information completely and without errors. By participating in any exhibition, the participant expressly gives consent to the Organizer to store and process the required information. Furthermore, the participant expressly gives his or her consent to transfer the data for the purpose of carrying out the exhibition.

b. The participant may revoke his or her consent to process and store the information at any time and therefore withdraw from participation without financial compensation.

c. Upon request, the Organizer will provide each participant with free information about all personal data they have saved and will delete this information immediately and free of charge upon request. To do this, simply send an email message with a list of the information to be deleted.


a. LuCE will only be liable for damages caused by LuCE or any of its employees with intent, gross negligence or breach of fundamental obligations. This will not apply to injuries, death and/or damage to health.


a. Any legal action is excluded.

b. If individual provisions are or become invalid, this will not affect the validity of the remaining terms and conditions.

c. LuCE reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without special notice.


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