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The Application Request for the Luthier Guitar Show 2019 will be available soon.


In order to present the visitor the instruments in a harmonious, aesthetic and without
categorizations, the only way to participate in the event is by the space of a table of 1.80 x 0.75 meters. It is only possible to have one table per exhibitor.

Handcrafted Pedals, handcrafted pickups or any other handmade accessory makers, will have access to the possibility of hiring half a table, since it has been taken into account that they need less space than instrument or amplifier manufacturers.

The number of exhibitors (tables) is limited to 55.

The exhibition will be organized so that the exhibitors are presented to the public in a logical, harmonic and aesthetic way.
The test cabins can be used freely, within a logical limit of time, allowing their use by all equanimously.
A catalog of the exhibition will be published, where all the exhibitors will be and which will be distributed free of charge to the public.

For those who need to move instruments, amplifiers, or any other thinks to be exhibited by courier delivery will have a service of reception, storage and subsequent dispatch, with no additional cost.

This event is exclusively focused on professional manufacturers.

It is strictly forbidden to test any electrical instrument (amplified), effect or amplifier, outside the cabins. The test is allowed on the tables through headphones. This rule is strict and no  exceptions will be allowed.


Will be published as soon as we have the Registration Application.


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