Luthier Guitar Show 2019


In this guide you will find all the necessary information to display in a correct, satisfactory way and according to the philosophy of the show. Make sure you read it in full and carefully. If you have any additional questions, please mail to Keep in mind that both the sshow and the LuCE association are non-profit and carried forward by volunteer work. This can make the response not immediate, we beg you understanding and patience.



The weeks before the show are an excellent time to broadcast the event. Use your channels in social networks and newsletters.
Sharing the event page is a good way to ensure our success. Reposting the publications of other social networks of the event is also a good idea.

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The exhibition will take place on October 26th and 27th, 2019 in the “Nave de Terneras” Paseo de la Chopera, 10, 28045 Madrid.


Bus Station
Méndez Álvaro

The 148 bus line and the 6 metro line (Legazpi station) communicate with the metro station, about 25 minutes away.

Train Station

Bus lines 6, 19, 85 and 86 connect both points in a half hour trip

Madrid Barajas Airport

The combination of lines 8 and 6 (Legazpi station) communicate with the venue (1 hour)

Madrid Barajas Airport

The express line (203) from the airport goes to the Atocha railway station.
Atocha-T1: 30 ‘| Atocha-T2: 35 ‘| Atocha-T4: 40 ‘

Madrid Barajas Airport

You can travel from terminal T4 to the Atocha train station with line C1 line


For those who want to bring the instruments and equipment to be exhibited to Madrid through a parcel agency, a secure reception and storage service will be available from October 14th, 2019 onwards.
Please manage your shipment so that it arrives AS A DEADLINE on October 24th, 2019.

Identify your shipment correctly to avoid any confusion.

The items sent by parcel will be found on the corresponding exhibition table on Saturday the 26th. Do not pick up any boxes for yourselves if you do not receive specific instructions to do so. The packaging material should not be left in sight. It can be stored under the table or in the storage space enabled for it.

To return the shipment to the original destination, the collection must be scheduled from the same address. At the end of the show, and after repacking the exhibited objects, the packages will be collected in the venue. We kindly ask you to schedule the collection within three days and from Monday, October 28th. Do not forget the corresponding labels and packaging material!

Break down will begin once the Show is finished and when the public has left the premises. Out of respect for the public and the organization, please do NOT leave earlier. Exhibitors who violate this rule run the risk of not being invited again!

For any inquiry, check that your shipment has arrived, etc … contact

The shipment should be directed to:

C/Murcia  nº 20 Local 1
28045, Madrid
At. Yolanda Saez / Luthier Guitar Show


The exhibition will begin on Saturday, October 26th, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. and until 7:00 p.m. The set up will begin at 8:30 a.m. Plan ahead to have everything ready at the start.

Sunday October 27th will begin at 10:00 and the show will end at 3:30 p.m., immediately after wrap up begins. It is important to take into account this schedule to plan the return trip. Depending on the destination it is possible to schedule the return trip on the same day.


The exhibition space is exclusively a table of 1.80 x 0.76 meters. each table will be provided with a black tablecloth. You can use your own tablecloth.

Elements allowed to expose are the main one by whose category the table has been contracted (guitars and basses, amplifiers, pickups) and one kind accessory of own manufacture. IT IS NOT ALLOWED TO EXHIBIT ELEMENTS FROM OTHER BRANDS OR NOT MANUFACTURED BY THE EXHIBITOR.

The elements must be placed on the exhibition table, they can not be exposed on the floor, or behind the table.

The posters, banners or any brand identifying elements can not be installed at a height that hinders the vision of the other tables or the exhibition as a whole. Rollups are not allowed, nor any other element that is installed on the floor or behind the table

For security reasons, it is requested that boxes, packing elements, personal items, cases be stored outside the corridors, in the designated storage spaces or under the tables. Make sure nothing means a danger to others.

The exhibitors are responsible for keeping your table and the surrounding area clean and tidy. 
Follow the instructions of the staff about the exposed elements or to remove any element not allowed.
Refusal to do so may result in expulsion from the event.

How many instruments to exhibit?

The goal of the show is to show the public quality instruments in an aesthetic and appealing way. The tables should look attractive rather than crowded. It is a platform to show your art -your creations- and it is very beneficial for you that visitors can appreciate at first glance the beauty of what you have brought. Between 3 and 5 instruments on the table can be accomodated (depending on size), but not much more than that. The final decision is for the exhibitor, but we strongly recommend not to bring more than 6 instruments.

For security reasons it is not allowed to “stack” display elements on the table.

Remember to bring stands, tools, strings and everything necessary to keep the exhibition material in top condition.
These items will NOT be available to be purchased in the Show.

Accreditations & Assitants

Each exhibitor has an extra accreditation for a helper / assistant. Space is limited and we recommend the presence of no more than two people per table. Making the show comfortable and attractive to visitors is the main objective.


The tables will not have electricity service. Therefore, amplified instruments or amplifiers can not be tested on the tables. The use of test media with headphones (Pod’s, etc …) is allowed.

In the venue there will be three test cabins where you can play comfortably, in front of these a rest area can be found, so that while the test is being carried on, you can wait comfortably and in the case, you may want to have a little chat once the test is finished. The maximum test time is 10 minutes. We ask for respect and solidarity with the other exhibitors to use the cabins in a responsible manner. Take into account the general noise level and keep the volume reasonable.

Follow the instructions of the staff to lower the volume or vacate the cabin. Refusal to do so may result in expulsion from the event.


Due to the characteristics of the collaboration agreement with the city of Madrid, the show is considered “non-commercial“. However, commercial deals can be made, and material can even be sold, but certain rules must be observed


The prices of the material should not be exposed to the public at the tables. However, nothing prevents having a price list that can be delivered to anyone who is interested. As well as answering questions about it if anybody ask.


There will be a discrete space that can be used to close any commercial deal, it is advised to use it if you want to make any exchange of that type.


It must be borne in mind that the instructions given to security personnel will be to prevent any person not identified as exhibitor from entering or leaving the exhibition with exhibition material. If any sale is made, the buyer must be escorted to the exterior.


Luthier Guitar Show is a silent exhibition, this is a feature that we consider fundamental.
This is why it is not allowed under ANY CONCEPT any type of demonstration, beyond those that could be organized.


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