Luthier Guitar Show 2019



Luis Guerrero (Cartagena, 1979) is a Telecommunications Engineer dedicated to guitar building; A man determined to always take the road less easy and therefore more interesting.
In 2009, after a few years working on something in which he did not feel fulfilled, and with the memory of the electric guitar that served as a Final Project that had left him wanting more (“I did not find it so complicated to build it ”-In the words of Luis himself), he decided to really embark on what he liked best. He trained as a luthier in Arturo Sanzano’s workshop in Madrid and other greats of the Spanish guitar of the Granada school, completing his training learning from great creators of contemporary acoustic guitars.

Luis Guerrero Guitars is the sum of engineering, crafts, technology, Spanish tradition and international and contemporary influences.

“I like to mix everything that catches my attention and I know it works; investigate and surprise me without worrying about what it has to do with what, to create something really unique. ”

Luis Guerrero combines his work in his acoustic guitar construction workshop with a research project related to string physics and robotic technology at UCAM, and also with the direction of specialized guitar construction workshops, activities that make him deviate not a millimeter of his passion for the construction of acoustic guitars and his interest in music.

“Being part of the history of this as a channel for the talent of others is more than enough. That the objective of my work is only to produce music, is a pride, a pleasure, an immense luck ».

Luis Guerrero


Edición 2022

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